‘Nene Valley Security Ltd’ provides exclusive protective services to residents and business operating in our local area.

Our core team is made up primarily of former New Scotland Yard police detectives and former military personnel. 

Nene Valley Security is fully supported by our sister companies, 'Criminal Investigation and Paralegal Services' and 'Family Law Support services' which also provide protection services for victim of domestic abuse and stalking. 


The combined knowledge, skills and experience of our companies provide an effective deterrent against criminal and/or anti-social behaviour, together with an investigative component and the ability if necessary to conduct private criminal prosecutions against offenders in appropriate cases. 

Our response officers are also fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority including as frontline door supervisors which allows us to also deal with incidents on licensed premises.

                                                                          OUR MISSION


To offer a victim focussed protective service whilst creating safer communities, free from crime and anti-social behaviour.  At a time when law enforcement agencies are stretched and under-resourced, we provide an affordable complimentary service for local businesses and residents seeking additional reassurance and protection.