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All our clients receive support, guidance and assistance if they have been a victim of crime.

Victims who contact police may be given an incident number but this does not mean that the crime has been formally recorded and may not receive follow up support.


We ensure that the crime is formally recorded and our customers receive their rights in accordance with the Victim's Code and have received contact from Northamptonshire's victim support service known as "Voice" a service funded by the OPFCC.

Your response unit will provide initial guidance and advice and a detective will make sure that initial enquiries are conducted if the police are unable to attend at the time.


It is important to ensure any forensic evidence is secured and preserved for the police if they have been unable to attend so that  evidence is not lost or interfered with before being forensically examined.

Our patrol vehicles contain crime scene kits to help protect and preserve any exhibits.

We will make local enquiries and identify any locations where there may be CCTV

and provide a report to the police for our customers. 

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